Stream Team 5118

With the onset of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) and its spread westward from the northeastern United States in 2007, members of the grotto formed Stream Team 5118 in 2015. Members of the group had prior ground water quality training and past involvement with other Stream Team activities. It was second nature to create an alternative activity for the group monitoring streams with Missouri Stream Teams. Stream Team members from Team 1060 assist as well. Currently members hold Introductory Level, Level 1 and Level 2 certifications.

Stream Monitoring:

Callaway Fork Creek, St Charles County

Lone Spring, Cuivre River State Park, Lincoln County

Fishwater Creek, Dent County

Trees and shrubs planted: over 2000

Waterway Trash Cleanups Sites:

-- McCoy Creek & N Pointe Prairie Rd, St Charles Co

-- Callaway Fork Creek, St Charles Co

-- Sugar Creek Watershed - Cuivre River State Park

Recent Projects:

Grandpa's Hole Cave Clean Up & Restoration - May 11, 2019

Cuivre River SP Karst Survey - Aug 1 2019 - ongoing

Cuivre River SP Graffiti Removal - March 2020 and sadly never ending

St. Charles County Sinkhole Clean Up = Dec 5 2020 - ongoing

Big B's Dirty Trash Pit a few tons lighter as of Aug 2021

Clean Stream 4-5-2020

Cuivre River SP - vandalized and after the clean up

Stream Team 4-3-2021

Callaway Fork Rd & Creek , 4 miles & 38 bags of litter